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Sally Cheeseman



"Growing Up Mililani"

by "Sally" Cheeseman


1971 Our Family HomeMililani is a Master Planned Community that started building on June 3, 1968 with 112 homes offered for sale by Castle & Cooke. My parents bought their newly constructed home in Mililani Town in 1971 and it was complete in the summer of that year. It was the summer before I entered my first year of high school and I had my last slumber party with my intermediate school girlfriends in our new home.


Rich red soil covered the Mililani Community and across the plain we saw pineapple and sugar cane fields being harvested for one of the last few years. The smell of pineapple and sugarcane filled the air at these times and I was fortunate to be around to watch it from the lanai windows for a fond memory to hold.

As I watched more homes being built, our community expanded to three streetlights from South to North of Kamehameha Highway along this ‘suburb’ of Mililani Town. With dozens upon dozens of increments of homes, condos and townhouses in Mililani our community grew for about forty years.

Between our home on the Mililani Town side and what was soon to be Mililani Mauka was the unfinished H-2 freeway and it was finally completed in 1976 from the H-1 /H-2 Merge all the way to Wahiawa and the off ramp to Schofield Barracks. This cut the commute time in half from our area of Mililani in Central Oahu all the way to Honolulu and a blessing to all who worked in the business district of Honolulu.

Mililani Town now has three shopping centers, Walmart, Restaurants, 7 recreation centers (for residents), a strip mall (that just completed) in Mililani Mauka, a public library, post office and MANY parks around this huge community. Mililani has a high school, intermediate school and many elementary schools (Kipapa, Mililani Ike, Mililani Uka, Mililani Waena and Mililani Mauka) and you can read more on the schools here>> State of Hawaii Schools Directory.

Following is a bit of 'history of sales' for Mililani Real Estate and Mililani Homes for Sale:

  • 1968:   The cheapest home was 884 square feet for $25,000 and up to $35,000 for a four bedroom

  • 1971:   My parents bought our home in Mililani Town of about 1750 sq/ft for $48,000 and later on built an enclosed lanai to make it over 2,000 sq/ft.

  • 1986:   Mililani was named the All American City and the first community in Hawaii to ever receive this distinction. My son was now in elementary school and my daughter to start the next year. A 1300 sq/ft home sold for about $70,000

  • 1990:   Mililani Mauka breaks ground on April 6 and the first homeowners moved into their new Mililani Mauka homes in 1992

  • 1992:    A brand new home in Mililani Mauka sold for $327,000

  • 2005:    The height of the housing market. A Mililani home with the same floor plan as the house my mother still lives in sold for $700,000. Mililani was also named one of the best places to live by Money magazine.

  • 2008:    The last of the new homes in Mililani were sold.

  • 2010:    The same home in Mililani Mauka that was bought for $327,000 in 1992 is on the market for $549,000.

Makapipipi Place Mililani House SOLD


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